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Just Mousing Around Newsletter ~ Volume 17 Issue 8 - Aug 2018
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From the Workbench...
Last month we discussed ergonomic tips for computers.
Since some are choosing a laptop to replace their desktop we are going to focus just on tips for laptops on this one. Sometimes we have folks that experience neck or upper back pain, hopefully these tips will help.
Ergonomic tips for Laptop Users
We like the lightweight portability and convenience of laptops. More and more are making this their primary computer instead of their secondary computer. Unfortunately, it's compact design with the attached screen and keyboard leads to awkward and strange postures. When the screen is at the right height, the keyboard position is too high, when the keyboard is the right height the screen is too low. It's an ongoing trade-off between poor neck/head and hand/wrist posture.
A comfortable workstation setup promotes:
- Neutral postures with the neck aligned with the spine (NOT bent or thrust forward)
- Elbows close to the body and bent at an angle between 90 and 120 degrees
- Back relaxed and supported.
- Shoulders relaxed (NOT hunched or round
- Wrist and hands straight (NOT bent or turned)

Some other suggestions:
- Use a laptop stand if you don't use an external monitor.
- Attach an external keyboard and mouse at or slightly below elbow height. Use a footrest if needed.
- Place the laptop on your lap to help keep your wrists straight while typing.
- Try a binder or lap platform to maximize the height of the screen and maintain an upright head posture.
- Use a chair that supports a comfortable upright or slightly reclined posture.
- Use a towel roll or inflatable lumbar pillow for lower back support.
- Tilt the screen to maintain a neutral posture.
- Make sure to keep an upright posture.
- Don't hunch your shoulders forward or lean your body towards your laptop screen.

Do take frequent breaks from viewing your display screen looking slightly up to give your muscles a chance to relax. Allot of times we find ourselves in a cramped position looking downward at the screen or keyboard for extended periods which can cause some neck, back, or upper back strain and discomfort. You can also get 'lapdesk' for your laptop or risers to get your display higher. Of course, your chiropractor or doctor may have suggestions also.

Hope you may find this helpful.
Happy computing, comfortably.
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