Just Mousing Around Newsletter ~ Volume 20 Issue 9 ~ Sept 2021
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From the Workbench...

Why is my Internet slow sometimes and what can cause this?

This is a frequent question asked by customers. There are many factors that can affect Internet speed. Hopefully, this information may help answer those questions.

Your computer. Of course, a newer more robust computer will likely process the internet faster than a 5 yr. old computer. The computer hardware and system resources available can make a difference in processing the information as received. For example, if you are downloading from iTunes, surfing the web, and other programs running in the background all at the same time, such as printer & antivirus, system resources will be affected. Adware/Spyware programs & those "free" toolbars or other add-ons to your browser can affect the Internet speed as well.

Connection & Traffic. Consider, do you connect wired (via ethernet cable) or wireless? If wireless, your access point location, walls, metal, cordless phones, microwaves can interfere with your wireless signal. Unsecured wireless access, whereas no password/passcode are required, can be accessed by anyone and greatly affect your speed. Let's say you have a computer, an iPad and/or Android tablet, a gaming device(s), and two (or more) smart phones in your household all of which connecting and accessing your wireless, this would cause a reduction in speed. All these devices are like traffic going down the same highway together alongside each other, thus, it may be slower the more devices going down the 'highway'. Also, the website you are visiting, traffic on the server site, and time of day can also come into play.

Your ISP package. The price package level (bandwidth) you have thru your Internet Service Provider makes a difference. Basically, the more bandwidth the higher the price. Discuss your package with your provider to see what you have if you don't know and see if you want to adjust your package, you will have to decide if it is cost effective for you to change price verses more bandwidth.

Hopefully as you can see, there are several factors that come into play when it comes to internet speed.
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Quick Heal v19 available! Quick Heal v19.00 update FREE for current subscriptions. Please update your software to the current version. For both Internet Security & Total Security versions. How do I upgrade to the v19 version? Go to Quick Heal Upgrades page http://www.quickheal.com/upgrade. Instructions are found on the page, be sure to choose the download corresponding with your version of Quick Heal software.
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Tai Chi can help improve immunity, depression, tension & stress, as well as balance, & many other health benefits. Tai Chi can be a positive part of your journey to improving health & overall well-being. Questions or for more info: Email us info(at)pcswebpartner.com If you have a group that would like to do a Tai Chi class please contact us as well
Questions or for more info: Email us info(at)pcswebpartner.com If you have a group that would like to do a Tai Chi class please contact us as well.
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Customers with Windows 7 installed on their PC, please take note.
Support for Microsoft Windows 7 has ended. Microsoft announced Windows 7 end of support Jan. 2020.
Ok, I’ve decided to get a new computer. What if I want some of the data from the old one to the new one?
We can help with that. We've helped many customers’ transition to a new computer. Give us a call or see us at 301 East 1st St, Suite #7. We’ll try to help make this shift a little smoother.
If you would like to see more information regarding Windows 7 End of Support information you can visit Microsoft’s website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-7-end-of-life-support-information
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Did you know? Tues, Sept. 21 is World Gratitude day.
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