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Just Mousing Around Newsletter ~ Volume 17 Issue 12 - Dec. 2018
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With the holiday shopping season upon us, many people shop online to find the best deals and discounts. Unfortunately, the holiday season is also when cybercriminals step up the scam attacks by using advertisements, security loop holes or glitches, and lack of clarity then exploit it.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Some of the common ways we may get scammed by cybercriminals is through malware disguised as something safe. So hence, an e-card you receive may 'appear' as nice gesture, but be careful, there may be malicious code disguised inside it. Or criminals can try and lure unsuspecting individuals of free gifts and discount coupons, which they know people are searching for during the holiday season. Once lured people will click on suspicious links or fill out forms providing personally identifiable information to cybercriminals who will sell it off to advertisers.

Keep watch while shopping online but in the holiday season, it's advised to be even more careful. Following the basics goes a long way, and here some tips below:

- Change your Password
A simple rule but even more relevant during busy shopping times. Even if you haven't changed your password for quite some time, make a note and change it before indulging in holiday shopping. Maintain different passwords for different accounts. This way, even if your personal information gets breached, the hackers could be limited to your other accounts.

- Don't Shop using Public WiFi
You never know who could be watching your activity on a public WiFi. Wifis used at airports, cafes and other public areas can be extremely rudimentary without too many security features. These make it very easy for hackers to set up specialized software to collect all the activity that happens on these networks. Keeping that in mind, indulging in any activity where you have to give financial information on these networks is just wise. Just don't do it.

- Keep Devices Updated
People are in a rush during this season and often tend to procrastinate or overlook important tasks. This means important software, which include anti-malware, firewall and anti-virus solutions, may get lost in the shuffle and business. Computers, as well as cell phones, will continue to remain unpatched and may be vulnerable to new threats in the wild, and cybercriminals are well aware of this. Stay ahead of the curve and get the necessary updates when required.

- Don't Be Mislead When Shopping Online
Be careful when shopping online this season. Check the URL of the website you are on so that it is secure. (Look for the padlock in the address bar) Do research around an e-commerce site you haven't heard of, to ensure you don't lose your money. Be very wary of deals that seem too good to be true - in most cases, these deals are just a front to get your personal information. The same applies to emails from purported e-commerce companies - check their details thoroughly even if they look like they've come from a genuine well-known website. As anyone knows, forging these details isn't very difficult.

- Check your bank account and credit card statements
Review and check your bank account and statement to ensure that there are no suspicious transactions. In the rush of the holiday season, customers often go on swiping cards regularly and then forget to check their accounts. If there's something suspicious that is happening, it is important to take immediate action.

Be aware and safe, and have a happy holiday shopping season!

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