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Tai Chi - Be a force of nature
Please mail payment for class to:
PO Box 64 - McCook NE 69001
Virtual Tai Chi for Energy classes from home via Zoom Wednesdays 7 pm CT
Join us for 30-40 minute Tai Chi for Energy class. Limited number of participants, & signed waiver required* (see below). Waiver prior to upcoming class Weds 7 p.m. CT
Get Zoom here:
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Other info to know: Please wear loose-fitting clothes & flat shoes suitable for exercise. Clear a space free from obstacles, rugs, (pets too) & be able to view your full body (head to toe) please. May wish to have a sturdy chair available.

Tai Chi can help improve immunity, depression, anixety, tension & stress, as well as balance, & many other health benefits. Tai Chi can be a positive start for your journey to improving health & overall well-being. Tai chi is a series of low-impact, slow motion movements strung together, each flows into the next. Tai chi differs from other types of exercise. The movements are gentle, and is suitable for almost anyone and can be easily adapted for anyone's need. Tai chi is sometimes described as "meditation in motion" since it promotes tranquility through gentle movements - connecting the mind and body. With regular practice, tai chi can help improve health & flexibility, and help relieve pain & stiffness. It can also help improve quality of life, decrease stress, reduce high blood pressure, and develop tranquility & inner balance.
Questions? email us: info @ (Please include subject) Have a group wanting a Tai Chi class? Let us know.
*Waiver required for class - contact us for link