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Quick Heal FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

We hope this information will be helpful to you. Most of this information can also be found in the Help section on your Quick Heal software or at the Quick Heal website www.quickheal.com.


Now Available! Quick Heal 2015 (v16.00) update for current subscriptions. Includes the new Safe Banking enhanced feature in Internet Security & Total Security versions.

How do I upgrade to the 2015 (v16.00) version of Quick Heal?

Existing Quick Heal software can be upgraded from version 2012/13/14 at no charge. Go to Quick Heal Upgrades page  http://www.quickheal.com/upgrade. Choose the download that corresponds with your version of Quick Heal software. Instructions are also available on this page as well.


How to contact Quick Heal tech support?

Email: Please feel free to contact us at support@quickheal.com or

Call: Customers in USA: 347.338.2630 (Mon. 12 a.m. to Sat. 6:30 a.m.) NOTE: Listed 800 phone number is only available in India.

Chat: is available on the website www.quickheal.com located in approx. the middle of the page--look for Live Support section.

Remote Support: Available with your Quick Heal software. See the Help> Support section in your Quick Heal software.


If you contact Technical Support and have the necessary information on hand we will be able to help you more efficiently.

*Your Product key which is included in the boxed version of the products. If you have purchased our products online then you will find the Product key in the mail confirming your order. Or see below question: Where can I see what my Product Key (Serial Number)?

*Information about your computer: brand, processor type, RAM capacity, the size of your hard drive and free space on it, as well as information about other peripherals.

*Your operating system: name, version number, language.

*What is the version of installed anti-virus and what is the virus database.

*What software is installed on your computer?

*Is your computer connected to a network? If yes — contact your system administrators first. If they can't solve your problem they should contact technical support themselves.

*Details: when did the problem first appear? What had you been doing before the problem appeared?

Very often the above information allows us to resolve your problem quickly.

How to retrieve your lost product keys of Quick Heal desktop products:

Visit the following website and add the requested data in the form on the page.  http://www.quickheal.com/lost


How to verify if my system has new malware?
Quick Heal Total Security System Information is an essential tool to gather critical information of a Windows based system for following cases:  This tool gathers information to detect new Malwares from Running processes, Registry, System files like Config.Sys, Autoexec.bat etc.

To get Quick Heal information: It gathers information of the installed version of Quick Heal Total Security, its configuration settings and Quarantined file(s), if any.

Submitting System Information file

This tool generates an INFO.QHC file at C:\ and sends the same using default e-mail client to research lab. If there is no default e-mail client, INFO.QHC file will be created at C:\ and you will be asked to send the same at the above mentioned e-mail address, for analyzing the problem of your system.

INFO.QHC file contains information in text and binary format. It contains critical system details and installed Quick Heal Total Security version details. Information contains automatic execution of files (through Registry, Autoexec.bat, System.ini and Win.ini) and Running processes along with their supported library details. It also collects files those are quarantined by Quick Heal Total Security from "Quick Heal Total Security\Quarantine" folder. These details are used to analyze the system for new Malwares and proper functioning of Quick Heal Total Security. The above information is used to provide better and adequate services to customers. This tool doesn't collect any other personally identifiable information, passwords etc. We respect your privacy; rest assured this information will not be shared or disclosed.

Generating System Information

To generate system information follow the below given steps:
-Start Quick Heal Total Security.
Click on Tools from the left pane.
-Click on System Information.
-Select the system information generating reason. If you are suspecting new Malwares in your system then select I suspect my system is infected by new Malwares or if you are facing problem while using Quick Heal Total Security then select I am having problem while using Quick Heal Total Security. Click Finish.
-System Information (INFO.QHC) will be generated and sent to Quick Heal Technical Support by using default e-mail client settings, or you shall be manually prompted to do so.


Where can I see my Product Key (Serial Number)?

The Product key can be found from About Section of Quick Heal main window. The About also contains information on Version, Virus Database, Quick Heal Service Pack applied, if any. Open your Quick Heal software and on the status page click on About (left side). Then choose the License Details. Here you can also print out this information, which is recommended. 


I have a question not listed, where can I look up other questions? You can visit the Quick Heal eSupport site for the Knowledge Base, Troubleshooter, Downloads, or look up other questions. Click here for eSupport website. (Live Chat is also available here.)


What to do if I lost my Product key (Serial Number)?

Product key (Serial Number) serves as the users identity. In case you loose the Product key, you can obtain your Product key by contacting Quick Heal Technical Support; nominal charges may apply.  Please contact the Quick Heal technical support team at support@quickheal.com with the following information: Your name, e-mail address you originally registered with, your order number, and serial number or activation if you have either. Please note: If you have purchased your Quick Heal products on-line then you will find the serial number in the email confirming your order.


How long can I use this registered copy?

You can use registered copy till the subscription period of your Quick Heal copy, generally one year. After the subscription period is over you will need to renew the subscription for your copy of Quick Heal.


Are the upgrades free, if yes for how long?

All updates and upgrades are free for registered user till the subscription period of the copy.


At every boot Quick Heal registration wizard automatically starts?

After installation of Quick Heal you will need to register your copy to get updates, online services and other benefits. If Quick Heal is not registered within 20 days time period from the date of installation, your copy of Quick Heal will be expired


Why the registration wizard does not accept my serial number?

Registration wizard does not accept invalid serial number. To avoid such messages please type serial number as provided to you. Please note: If you have an 0 remember that it may be a number zero and not the letter 'O'.


Can I use more than one Anti-Virus software on my computer?

Running more than one anti-virus on your computer is not recommended unless specified specifically by the vendors. Anti-Virus product has some modules like real time scanning of files and real time scanning of mails, which seemingly integrates with OS to provide such services. Such integration can cause problems if there are multiple such services being installed and doing the same task. This way technical issues may arise as such modules are not designed with keeping such things in mind. Technical issues may cause your system to freeze repeatedly which may lead to data loss or unstable system etc.


Where can I go for more common Technical FAQs?

The Techinical FAQ section at www.quickheal.com offers answers to the most common questions relating to current threats from viruses, use of Quick Heal etc. You can visit the page at http://www.quickheal.co.in/support.asp


For Offline Registration I require an Installation number of Total Security, where will I get this?

Installation Number is available in Offline Registration section of Quick Heal Registration Wizard, if you choose ‘No’ to ‘I have Internet access on this computer and click Next. Choose Offline registration through web and click ‘Next’. Here you will get the installation number of Quick Heal.


Quick Heal Registration Wizard will be initiated automatically at every boot until the copy gets activated. To manually launch Registration Wizard click Activate Now button from the Scanner’s Status section.


I have Windows 95/98/ME does Quick Heal work?

SPECIAL NOTICE for Win95/98/ME users: Due to the Microsoft product life cycle no longer supporting Win95/98/ME since approx. 2002, some of the features of Quick Heal version 2009 will not be compatible, and have limited tech support for end users that use Win95/98/ME. Thus, you will continue with the 2008 version, functioning as it is currently and database updates may not be availables. This notice is to inform customers of Win95/98/ME of this change.


Thank you for  choosing Quick Heal software products, we appreciate your business